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Say Yes to Rugs (and Carpets)

Whether as full flooring or accent pieces, carpets and rugs can set the design tone for a room, all while offering a soft spot for your feet.

Tatami System

Tarkett has introduced Tatami System (pictured above), a new category of floorcovering that upends conventional broadloom. Inspired by traditional Japanese Tatami mats, this innovative modular floorcovering gives designers and end users the autonomy to continually adjust spaces to align with their ever-changing needs.

The system responds to the constantly fluid spaces of the modern workplace. Supporting various needs of open environments and collaborative spaces, it allows end users to reconfigure their spaces to support independent or collaborative work.

While commercial spaces continue to adopt resilient floor coverings to meet their needs, Tatami System offers the perfect balance, bringing soft surface in to improve overall comfort (both acoustically and underfoot) and create an atmosphere with the coziness of home.

“We’re thrilled about the positive reactions we’re receiving to Tatami System,” said Terry Mowers, VP commercial design, Tarkett North America. “Our team knew it was the right solution at the right time to support the way interior spaces are becoming softer and more modular. But it’s so encouraging to hear our peers in the industry have this same feeling about it. Tatami System really does upend conventional broadloom to remain flexible, durable and sustainable throughout its lifecycle.”

Non-permanent, flexible, mobile, sustainable and adaptable, the system offers all the attributes of woven and tufted broadlooms—pattern fluidity, texture, volume, seamless visuals, textile warmth and sound absorption—without the unsightly seams and utilitarian feel of carpet tiles.

Nord/Sud by Stéphane Parmentier 

La Manufacture Cogolin presents Nord/Sud, a very personal collection of hand-knotted rugs that are above all an invitation to voyage through Stéphane Parmentier’s souvenirs, from his native Nice to his adopted home, Paris.

Parmentier has designed a line of five rugs and two runners for La Manufacture Cogolin. Available in three standard sizes—as well as in custom dimensions—they are made from the finest wool, linen and silk, hand-knotted over a sumac backing. The patterns are inspired by the artwork of Roger Capron and the Vallauris artisans as well as by the traditional paving stones found throughout France. Indeed, the collection is a tribute to the tradition of renowned southern French craftmanship epitomized by La Manufacture Cogolin.

“I am originally from Nice and my parents had so many friends who owned rugs from La Manufacture Cogolin,” said Parmentier. “For me, Cogolin is intrinsically linked to the image of the South of France of my childhood, reminiscent of a 1970s movie set like Les Biches by Claude Chabrol. Depending on the colors, you are transported either to a picturesque Provençal square or to a busy Parisian street.”

The rugs are available in a color palette ranging from the pastels of Provence such as Rosé or Nougat to the more urban colors of Asphalt or Granit, Nord/Sud rugs create unique atmospheres.


Bloomsburg Carpet has introduced its new In-Grain product made with Zeftron nylon, a fully renewable nylon 6 fiber that offers style, performance and recyclability.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, In-Grain was designed to celebrate the shifts in patterns and color inherent in organic materials. The woven product has a pattern of random, striated grounds that are unique and alluring. In-Grain can be used as a flooring solution across an entire space or it can coexist in harmony with other flooring, like polished concrete, stone or wood. The low, tight pile construction lends a sophisticated, organic feel to corporate offices, law firms, high-tech environments, hospitality, healthcare and residential spaces.

“Celebrating the organic shifts in patterns and color inherent in nature, In-Grain is an ideal flooring solution for lobby and lounge areas as well as guestrooms and corridors,” said Jim Cody VP of sales, Bloomsburg Carpet. “The low, tight pile, incorporating flora and fauna inspired hues, creates a sophisticated floor covering that can encompass an entire space or harmoniously coexist with other flooring such as polished concrete, stone or wood.”

Zeftron’s 120 perfectly calibrated, solution-dyed colors enable In-Grain to feature the calming and restorative hues found in nature. Woven on Bloomsburg’s double heddle velvet looms, In-Grain is available in 13 colorways ranging from cool and light to deep and bold.

In-Grain is Green Label Plus Compliant to meet the growing demand for healthier, greener indoor environments and is made of 25 percent recycled content. The Zeftron fibers are 100 percent recyclable, ensuring nylon waste is kept out of landfills without losing performance, durability, coloring or styling attributes.

“Always keeping the environment top of mind with our designs, In-Grain is made of 25% recycled content and woven with Zeftron fibers, which are 100% recyclable, ensuring nylon waste is kept out of landfills without sacrificing aesthetics or durability,” he said.

Extending the green-friendly content of the materials into the product’s aesthetic, the nature-inspired pattern and colors meet the growing trend of Biophilic design in office spaces and corporate environments. Natural forms, colors, and textures like In-Grain pair well with live plants, indoor/outdoor spaces and natural lighting to create environments that have been shown to increase concentration levels and encourage staff well-being and retention.