Rosewood São Paulo debuts exhibition

Rosewood São Paulo has introduced a permanent exhibition with artist and environmental activist Oskar Metsavaht. Metsavaht’s works occupy the corridors of the 6th floor of the Mata Atlântica Tower designed by Jean Nouvel and are exclusively available to Rosewood São Paulo hotel guests.

UNESCO Ambassador for Sustainability and UN Ambassador for the Ocean Decade, Metsavaht is recognized as a visionary for defending and applying socio-environmental practices to his work, which expresses the theme of forest preservation, water preservation and the empowerment and protection of forest peoples. The exhibition, “Amazônia – Oskar Metsavaht,” will focus on the Amazon, with works on different platforms—photography, design and sustainability actions—and will highlight the Metsavaht’s experience with the Ashaninka and Kaipós and his vision of the region.

Focused on showcasing Brazilian artists, Rosewood São Paulo is also home to a groundbreaking collection of 450 site-specific artworks, all created in partnership with local artists whose work draws from the multiplicity of the Brazilian experience. Under the artistic direction of Philippe Starck, 57 Brazilian artists and artisans came together to produce a permanent collection of art. Treating the property like a once-in-a-lifetime art project, the team commissioned artists representing Brazil’s wide range of artist expression, from street art to indigenous art, to create site-specific works for virtually every space in the property. The artists were given just one guideline: creativity that respects the past yet points to the future. The result is that the hotel is in effect Brazil’s next great contemporary art museum, one that celebrates the natural beauty, rich history and diverse culture of its homeland. Featured artists include Vik Muniz, Sandra Cinto and Caligrapixo.

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