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Revolutionizing Art

Brooklyn, NY-based contemporary artist Andy Bank has launched his brand in the U.S.

“My art is made out of the same materials that you’ll find in any museum or private collection,” said Blank. “It’s just not part of the whole art system. It’s done my way.”

Andy Blank offers a pared-down selection of original, eye-catching artwork in a variety of mediums—for a limited time and in limited quantities.

“Most of the time I’ll gather inspiration without me even knowing it,” Blank said. “Sometimes, I’ll see a technique, color or texture, and my team and I will do some research. Yet, when it comes to creating works for the collection, it’s basically an extension of my personality. I get inspired by so many things in everyday life. That’s how it should be for everyone, shouldn’t it?”

The prices will especially come as a shock to art enthusiasts accustomed to choosing between costly, investment-level gallery pieces, and more budget-friendly—but less original feeling—facsimiles for their wall decor: pieces max out at $199 dollars, with each and every piece arriving straight to your door in a ready-to-hang white or black shadowbox frame.

“When I can’t create, I don’t,” he said. “I just keep working and experimenting because that’s what I love to do. I know I’ll come up with some great ideas eventually.”