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Relaxed Luxury

With the sheer amount of activity happening in the Nashville hotel scene, new and existing properties have to be on top of their design game if they want to be noticed. The 121 Hotel, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, recently opened in Music City, delivering a design that promises to combine residential with the comforts of relaxed luxury.

Tim Burrow, owner and architect of The 121 Hotel, noted that his research showed there was a void in the marketplace for units including five or more high-quality bedrooms and bathrooms. The hotel gives guests the option to book a single room, a five-bedroom suite with a private kitchen and living area, or the entire property.

“I could not find any luxury options downtown or near downtown,” he added. “I believe there is a demand for hotel rooms that look more like luxury guestrooms at a fine estate, rather than a standard hotel room.”

And that sentiment is evident throughout the design of the hotel. Design elements include antique dyed rugs, original art, unique chandeliers, high-end Oly and European furniture, fully equipped kitchens, fireplaces and residential style living areas.

“Like writing, there is no good design, only good redesign,” he said. “The design took on dozens of evolving improvements and redesigns for many months before construction began.”

The inside is defined by high ceilings and gorgeous antique and modern rugs over porcelain tile, he said, while the outside offers an exterior that is timeless. “One cannot tell now, nor will one be able to tell 40 years from now, whether the building is new or 50 years old. Contrastingly, the decade in which almost all other buildings are built can be seen by observing the trendy design elements of the time,” he said. “Timeless beauty of clean, modern, and classic pieces that appeal to virtually all tastes and will never go out of style.”