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Q&A With Terry Clayton of Arteriors

InspireDesign recently spoke with Terry Clayton, SVP of sales for Arteriors Home. Arteriors, which has long been a staple for residential designers, is now putting a greater emphasis on hospitality. As Arteriors Contract grows rapidly, Clayton shared insight into the “resimercial” trend, his personal connection to design and where he sources inspiration:

How did you get your start in the design space?
I have a natural love for craft. After spending several years in the fashion industry, I began working with architectural building materials—handmade ceramic tile, stone mosaics and artisanal bath fittings.

What inspires your work? Where do you seek inspiration?
Living on a hobby farm in north central Texas, I am surrounded by nature and quiet, large open spaces. The quality of my work is derivative of the place that I call home.

What do you like best about your current role?
Every day presents a new opportunity. We are a lean organization that is flexible and nimble enough to affect large-scale change in relatively short periods of time.

What challenges are you seeing in the hospitality design space? How do you suggest the industry overcome those?
As the world continues to move more quickly, the need for speed can easily obscure the need for quality. This is a necessary balancing act and one is not sufficient without the other. Suppliers who effectively assist their customers by delivering on time and within budget are a hot commodity.

Why is Arteriors making the shift toward hospitality? Why now?
We are not new to the space, but we are more heavily invested now than ever before. Arteriors Contract has been growing steadily and deliberately for more than a decade, but we have added 10 dedicated staff members to our hospitality team in the past year—from dedicated employee sales ambassadors to sales support and design.

What do you find promising about the hospitality industry?
Hospitality design informs all other disciplines in the design sphere. As designers elevate the customer experience, the consumer will come to expect more, and this ensures healthy competition and a thriving industry.

Are we seeing more of a crossover between residential and hospitality? Why do you think this is?
Yes, consumers often look to replicate a pleasant dining or hotel experience in their home environment. Likewise, a home-away-from-home experience is generally embraced by travelers. This creates a tremendous opportunity for a brand like Arteriors that effectively serves both the residential and hospitality markets.

What other trends are you seeing in hospitality design?
Designers, procurement professionals and owner/operators value suppliers who can offer both custom solutions and immediately available stock or modified stock. Arteriors’ competence in customization is a complement to our industry-leading inventory position.

How do you find a work/life balance?
For most of my life, I have created opportunities to build things by hand. When I get deep into a project, the only thing occupying my mind is the task at hand. My kids and I just finished a fairly ambitious project—an air conditioned enclosure for our ever-expanding array of pet chickens, ducks and geese.

What do you see on the horizon for Arteriors? What’s your five-year plan?
Honestly, the sky is the limit. We offer our clients a value proposition that includes a rare mix of original design, domestic inventory, custom capabilities and world-class service.