PPG’s 2023 COTY: Vining Ivy

PPG has revealed its GLIDDEN paint by PPG 2023 color of the year: Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6). This “bluish-greenish-something-in-betweenish” tone serves up versatile vibes, making it an on-trend addition to contemporary designs or a refined pop of color for those with more traditional taste.

“Consumers are seeking to simplify in this post-COVID era, as the past two years have shed a new light on the importance of serenity and little moments,” said Ashley McCollum, color expert, Glidden. “Vining Ivy embodies this vibe perfectly. It is energizing yet grounding, and it works in literally any space. Its versatility takes the guesswork out of design, leaving consumers with more time to indulge in the things that matter most to them.”

This teal is as adaptable as its botanical namesake and expertly intertwines bold blue and refined green to create a captivating color symbolic of deep water. The color’s jewel-toned hue can be used to set a calming mood in spaces, as its blue communicates feelings of tranquility while the emerald evokes feelings of balance. When paired together, these two undertones create an ultra-rich, uber-trendy color that has us “in our feels” as we cautiously emerge from the pandemic ready to resume living our best lives.

Ruthanne Hanlon, color and design manager, PPG, spoke to InspireDesign about why the color was chosen, “For 2023, the overarching theme is reflection. It just seemed very fitting because that is where many of us are—that the past couple of years have not just changed our world, it’s changed the way we live in the world. It’s changed how manufacturers are going to consumers, and it’s all had this ripple effect. This is what is driving the trends.”

For Hanlon, Vining Ivy “Speaks to glamour. It’s kind of enchanting. It has that wellness aesthetic to it and is incredibly versatile. This color is going to be a perfect choice for both residential and commercial. It is a perfect pairing of that technology blue and that earthy green. It just fuses them together perfectly.”

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