PPG 2024 COTY: Limitless

PPG has revealed its Glidden paint by PPG’s 2024 Color of the Year: Limitless, a fresh, warm hue that holds both the power of a primary color and the essence of a neutral. This “anything but yellow” honey beige tone offers limitless applications—consumers can use Limitless anywhere they’d like a neutral to create an updated, on-trend look, complementary to any design style.

“We are entering a new era of explosive creativity and change,” said Ashley McCollum, PPG color expert, Glidden brand. “Consumers are using color in even more unconventional ways than ever before and they need a palette that offers versatility to work with both new and existing decor. Limitless understands the assignment and embodies this perfectly. This modern neutral is as adaptable as its name implies and is taking the place of cool neutral tones that are so last year. With the selection of Limitless, gray is officially canceled. What can we say—warm neutrals just hit different.”

As a nod to the hue’s adaptability and consumers’ readiness to enter their creative eras, Glidden color stylists see this “boujee beige” showing up across exterior and interior commercial and residential spaces, styles and textures.

Because Limitless pairs equally well with warm and cool tones, Glidden color experts recommend using it anywhere and everywhere to give space the glow-up it deserves. As an interior color, it works on all four walls, accent walls, trim and cabinets. For extra style, the experts recommend painting unconventional places too. Limitless can be used to paint ceilings or all four walls and ceilings, abstract or geometric shapes and interior doors to achieve a look that’s both unique and on-trend.

When asked about its use in hospitality spaces, McCollum told InspireDesign that opportunities are indeed, limitless. “I’ve said it so many times, but they really are because if you’re wanting to invite people into the space, you want them to feel relaxed. You want it to be a space that gives off a certain energy that makes them feel good.”

While she sees the color working for walls, it works on the ceiling as well. “I think it would be beautiful on a ceiling,” she said. “It feels slightly unexpected because it’s a little bit brighter than you see on some ceilings because they are usually white or pretty dark.”

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