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The Picturalist


Get to Know The Picturalist

The Picturalist searches artists from all over the world to offer design professionals, retailers, hoteliers and builders, a select choice of artwork available in different mediums like canvas, archival paper, acrylic glass and LED backlit lightboxes.

The image curation takes into account the different aesthetics in the current design scene to complement a number of design styles. The Picturalist features abstract, minimal, mid-century, traditional European prints, photography and digital art in the different collections.

What’s New? Color Trends

Venturing on a modern aesthetic with jewel-toned pairings like deep greens and blues printed on acrylic glass and the client’s choice of floater frames.

New Photography

Not everyone can have a Van Gogh hanging on their walls, but these mindful photographs will leave the viewer dreaming of cool summer nights when skies are clear, walks around a lake in the country or childhood memories of camping weekends.

New Frames

The new Acrylic Floating Panel Frame is a sleek, modern design, perfect for a contemporary look. Each print is retro-laminated into a single panel of 1/4 in. thick, UV proof acrylic glass with polished edges. Four metal knobs will keep it floating from the wall.

New Ultra Slim Metal Floaters

They are The Picturalist’s narrowest frame moulding. It has an elegant and modern finish. It works best for contemporary artwork or intricate designs. It suits canvases and acrylic facemount prints, and its’ available in all black, gold edge or silver edge.

Mid-Century Modern Inspired Artwork

Mid-century modern is a style that has dominated design ever since its rise to popularity. It returned as a furniture trend in 2010 and it’s still going strong as seen in residential and commercial properties all over the world today. The Picturalist proposes a selection of artwork to match this style.


What artwork always looks chic, works with everything, yet creates impact in a room? A neutral and black-and-white piece.

Vintage Prints

The Picturalist travels the world to find vintage prints.