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Pavilion Launches Tides Collection

Pavilion recently partnered with Miami Beach-based designer Petu Kummala and launched the Tides Collection. Kummala’s love for design began as a child in Finland. He has always been driven to design and customize objects, and to bring life to art and everyday functional items.

Today, Kummala is the senior director of interior design & architecture at Carnival Cruise Lines and maintains his design studio, 358 Design where he explores his imagination and focus on form and function.

The Tides Collection is form and function brought to the outdoors. Inspired by the beauty of the ocean’s movement, the curvilinear lines and shapes of the chair convey the fluidity of the tides. The curved elements of the chair are spaced evenly and repeatedly throughout the piece evoking motion. Narrow extrusions closely aligned and gently bending to support the human form exude ergonomic comfort.

The collection is constructed with an inner and outer frame that allows the chair, ottoman and tables to be specified with contrasting colors. Sunlight passes through the slats, creating intriguing shadows as the sun moves across the sky. The Tides Collection evokes natures movements and the designer’s effort to bend it to his will with unique design.