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Outdoor Living

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s time to enjoy the summer weather. Here’s a look at some of the latest outdoor products to spruce up a hotel’s exterior, day and night.

Carl Hansen & Son 

Carl Hansen & Son’s BM1771 Table and BM1871 Bench, designed by Børge Mogensen, are a product of his functionalist mindset, which is expressed through every detail of these products. After use, each can be folded up so they require a minimum amount of storage space. The table and benches are the epitome of simple and precise design with wooden slats, which gives each piece a welcoming expression.

Thomas Mognesen, Børge Mogensen’s son, noted, “When Børge Mogensen designed the Outdoor Table and Bench in 1971, he and our family lived in a house with a garden and a balcony. Børge made furniture for pretty much everything we needed at home and in life, and that was always his starting point for design. It was as simple as that—if he could make use of furniture himself, then others could too.”


Designtex launched the Designtex + Sunbrella collection; with 82 colors, from neutrals and solids to vibrant and subtle patterns, these textiles complement any outdoor space. Engineered to withstand the elements, they are durable, have a high UV resistance and are easy to maintain.

“The Designtex + Sunbrella collection is inspired by the breadth of colors, textures, and patterning found in our natural and built environment. The collection highlights the versatility and durability of the Sunbrella performance textiles to move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces,” the Designtex team noted.



Like the magical effect of a lunar eclipse in a dark sky, Camouflage, designed by Piero Lissoni, is surrounded by a circular halo of light. This ultra-slim, LED wall sconce seamlessly blends with architecture and nature without being noticed, and merges flush with the wall thanks to special plates in rough materials covering the disc surface.

“Switch off the light and, as if by magic, the lamp disappears. Switch it on and, again as if by magic, all you see is the light itself. Is it a lamp or a chameleon?” he asked.


Landscape Forms

The Aspect planter series from Kornegay (a Landscape Forms company) is a collection of four-sided cast concrete landscape containers with minimal, architectural style and a simple shadow line at the base. Available in six standard sizes and two standard finishes—Bituminous sealer and Sandblast finish—color options include natural gray concrete with integral pigment colors. Custom color mixing is available.

“What Larry [Kornegay] has done with Aspect captures what we love so much about cast concrete—the ability to create crisp, architectural forms that will also stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically,” said Kirt Martin, chief creative officer, Landscape Forms.

Louis Poulsen

The Flindt Wall, designed by Christian Flindt, provides a bold, sculptural design with a carved-out, concave shape. The modern lamp is available in three sizes in Aluminum, White, or Corten colorways.

“Light means so much to people and so profoundly influences our experiences that it’s essential to get it right, and to design with the specific setting and desired effect in mind,” said Flindt. “We all have different light preferences—but when the sun goes down, I think we all enjoy having a certain warmth and ambiance around us. And that was our ultimate goal here, first with the cylindrical Flindt Bollard, and now with the orbital Flindt Wall. We wanted to create comfort and avoid glare while creating multi-directional light that guides and illuminates as much it pleases the eye. Like a solar eclipse, it’s remarkable yet perfectly natural in its environment—an important balance in lighting design.”


Sam Son by Konstantin Grcic is an easy outdoor armchair with a hint of a cartoon character. Propped up on four stilt legs, its main feature is a giant, tube-shaped horseshoe that makes up the armrest and backrest.

“The chair features a softly suspended seat shell between a giant, horseshoe-shaped sausage, the chair’s characteristic arm- and backrest. Made from two different rotational moldings, the chair combines a rigid plastic for its base and a more elastic polymer for the upper part. The exaggerated dimension of the arm- and backrest provides comfort and support, and creates a protective space for sitting in it,” Grcic said.


Silhouette, designed by Jaime Hayon, is adorned with illustrations of imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist to present a beautiful composition. With nine faces strategically placed on the rug, Hayon also subtly injects color to add personality—enabling a fresh perspective in all angles. The outdoor rug marks the first time nanimarquina employed the hand-tufting technique with 100% recycle PET fiber. The collection also includes an indoor rug and tapestry.




Myface’s Fable Swing is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional swing that intends to recreate the memories held closest, the character defining moments and the feelings that can’t be forgotten. Lacquered stainless steel and copper joints hold an inviting floating sofa, available in a wide color array of water-repellent polyester fiber.

“My Face creates remarkable outdoor luxury pieces with a high-level design, inspired by technology and innovation. The inspiration behind it is the mission and will to offer comfort and sublimity in exclusive environments, our unique work reflects excellence, emotion, and character, anticipating trends throughout world design,” said André Oliveira, CEO & creative director, Myface.