OBMI launches UCO Studio

There is a new design studio drawing the attention of leading hospitality brands, developers and restaurateurs. Celebrated architectural firm OBMI has launched UCO Studio, which brings a hospitality design portfolio with recently opened projects, ranging from the Taj Goa Resort in India, St. Regis Resort in Bermuda and soon-to-debut Hyatt Centric, Austin.

UCO Studio and OBMI align their respective crafts to deliver a turnkey offering, providing services for large-scale regional planning down to intimate interior details.  The team’s reputation as a creative force, combined with their world-class portfolio, will further their ability to set the pace for hospitality design in the industry for the years to come, according to the company.

Founded with a philosophy of being “storytellers of space,” UCO elevates guest experiences by cultivating enchanting design journeys for luxury resorts and residences, lifestyle and boutique hotels and dynamic food and beverage spaces, in addition to offering premier branding, lighting design and art consultation around the world. They distill culture into style and ambiance for the bottom line, demonstrating that they are trusted advisors and partners in achieving clients’ financial goals.

UCO’s Principal Eric Ullmann has 25 years of hospitality design experience and a portfolio of projects in more than 20 countries. Ullmann said, “Creating journeys of masterful discovery, UCO Studio translates culture and context through compelling experiences. Through an extensive background in multiple disciplines, our collaborative approach becomes the foundation for bespoke operations. With a reputation for delivering inspired designs to the world’s most prominent and celebrated hospitality leaders, we have cultivated international talent that brings our storytelling process to life through spaces immersed in culture, history, nature and allure.”

“We align with UCO Studio on design philosophies to elevate the art of living and craft beautiful ideas that capture the genuine essence of each place. Both companies are innovative, with practical, smart approaches to design, and now we look forward to creating stories for destinations for each detail of the guest’s journey,” said Tim Peck, chairman, OBMI. “UCO Studio brings experience and projects in markets like Asia and North America that open doors for great opportunities for us, as we hope to do for them throughout the Caribbean and the Middle East. We believe the foundations set are the culmination of a great partnership.”

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