NFT Craze hits Dream Hollywood

The Dream Hollywood has unveiled a first-of-its-kind physical NFT (non-fungible token) art exhibition in a hospitality space in partnership with The Crypt Gallery.

Curated by NYC-based NFT art collector turned innovator King of Midtown, The Crypt Gallery at Dream Hollywood features a diverse lineup of digital artists and well-established physical artists who specifically compose a limited number of pieces and editions, including the works of Chad Knight, Yo Brilly, Lefty Out There, Nessgraphics, Tillavision, Lana Denina, Brendan North, Jason Seife and Robbie Trevino.

“A major part of our ethos at Dream Hotel Group is to support and celebrate artistic, cultural and creative expression,” said Vaughn Davis, GM, Dream Hollywood. “Throughout our hotels, we feature work from contemporary artists including Mr. Brainwash, Gregory Siff and Domingo Zapata. In the Dream Hollywood lobby, we already had more than half-a-million dollars’ worth of physical art, so we found the partnership with The Crypt Gallery digital art to be a natural transition. We especially enjoy this exhibit with its combination of the latest works, as well as existing collections and the secondary market. The gallery also has an educational component that is designed to inspire all members of the NFT community, including experienced collectors, artists and newcomers alike.”

During monthly events, live auctions are streamed from online marketplaces providing an in-person experience. Raffles and limited-edition artwork are exclusively sold for attending guests at an affordable entry point, encouraging the participation of new collectors.

The popularity of NFTs and digital art is currently on the rise, opening new possibilities for visual artists, musicians and animators. Utilizing this technology gives creators the ability to expand their networks, certify their work and create and share pieces instantaneously compared to traditional formats.

This new wave of technology could unlock new potentials in artwork utility, movement, collaboration and provenance for works, according to the hotel. Through its partnership with Dream Hollywood, The Crypt Gallery aims to create a unique in-person experience for fans engaging with NFT art while simultaneously providing exclusive access to limited drops and live auctions.

“We’ve always known Dream to be a trendsetter and one of the most popular places in Los Angeles to explore a variety of events and atmospheres,” said King of Midtown, founder, The Crypt Gallery. “Its ambiance, design and emphasis on providing a platform for forward-thinking artists made it an ideal partner and the perfect location to house this innovative and rare exhibition. Our mission is to bring together digital and physical artists, investors and collectors by forging the path to a new style of exhibitions and galleries. We believe this partnership will initiate new audience involvement, encourage dialogue and education and emphasize the truly limitless capabilities of NFTs and the digital art world.”

The gallery will be on display through 2022. The partnership will continue with an additional gallery at Dream Downtown in New York City later this year and other Dream Hotels locations to be announced soon.

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