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nemaworkshop Renovates W Washington DC’s Lounge, Terrace

WASHINGTON, DC—nemaworkshop, has been tapped by W Hotels to renovate W Washington DC’s POV lounge and terrace. The New York-based firm has infused design elements inspired by the capital’s architecture, historical importance and nightlife scene into the refreshed space.

Opening just after Labor Day, the 11th floor rooftop bar and lounge will don a red tape wall (part humor, part reference to the bureaucracy of Washington, DC as a capital); lighting fixtures including a dome chandelier and pixilated presidential fixtures; and custom furniture pieces mainly built of solid oak, which refer to the historical use of the wood in DC architecture.

nemaworkshop developed seating for various areas: communal space and dining area, VIP bar and POV bar. The space will be used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner/drinks. nemaworkshop integrated high bar seating, low dining seating and lounge furniture.

The color scheme for the makeover was drawn from the American flag and given a more current day and modern twist: white became silver, red became the horizontal red tape wall feature, and blue was used as an accent throughout the space.  

The goal was to have a variety of seating for different social settings and group sizes. Renovated space will maximize both the daytime and evening.