National Hotel Miami Beach Completes Major Renovation

MIAMI BEACH, FL—The National Hotel Miami Beach has completed an extensive $12 million renovation in 2014, restoring the hotel to its original style.

Renovations began in 2010 with the hotel’s Cabana Building and continued to the original Historic Tower’s guest rooms, meeting and public spaces. Throughout the redo, the 152-room hotel, which was originally designed by Art Deco architect Roy France, worked with the Historic Preservation League to restore the hotel’s Art Deco details.

“We are extremely excited to reintroduce our beautifully restored property and new programming to visitors and locals alike,” stated Yaser Mohamed, hotel manager. “The National is a true work of art, a family-owned historic hotel that offers guests anticipatory service in comfort and serene tranquility. We look forward to welcoming our guests and having our loyal following discover us all over again.”


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