Mohawk launches Mycotopia

Durkan Mohawk Group Hospitality has launched mega collection Mycotopia, inspired by the hidden structures of mushrooms and their ecological importance. Mycotopia explores the sense of well-being and connection that nature provides, even when it’s invisible or out of sight.

Mycotopia encompasses 21 carpet patterns inspired by the delicate shapes, forms and structures of mushrooms, always with an emphasis on the vital connective role that fungi perform in our world. The meditative designs support feelings of comfort and warmth, while a flowing coherence across the patterns helps connect different spaces organically.

The Mycotopia Collection elevates hospitality flooring design to new heights with Definity public space and corridor options, Pattern Perfect broadloom and tile, PDI tile products and coordinating tufted broadloom patterns for guestrooms. All Mycotopia patterns are offered in colors drawn from mushroom dyes—muted warm tones with natural, comfortable fading.

Artwork inspired by Mycotopia was commissioned by Connie Avery, an artist with ArtLifting, a Better Together partnership. “I love the colors, movements, and stories in art,” Avery noted. “I love the joy, surprises, feelings and emotions that come from creating art.”

Avery’s art reflects her experiences, her family and her vision. She lives with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Usher’s Syndrome, diseases which progressively reduce her ability to see and hear. She dedicated her first career to nursing but after having her daughter at age 40, she went to college to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and graduated proudly with her degree. Avery’s style is inspired by the art of her late brother, who created stained glass windows. The thrill of seeing colors, lights and atmospheric shadows and highlights inspires her to push her art to new levels.

The idea for Mycotopia was born from Mohawk Group’s overall theme for 2023: Emergent Thinking. “Emergent” has a number of definitions; in botany, it refers to plants and flowers that grow taller than other vegetation or are above ground or water. In culture, it refers to rising technologies, solutions and knowledge that drive human mind shifts and behavior. Both refer to something newly coming into existence—emerging life, Emergent thinking. The Mycotopia mega collection was designed and developed as a perfect illustration of both.

“We are at a crossroads with how to respond to the profound changes in society today,” said Jackie Dettmar, VP, marketing, design and product development, Mohawk Group. “Under the weight of post-pandemic shifts affecting climate crisis, sustainable development, global health, human rights, resources and supply chains, conflicts between nations, and other challenges, humanity will emerge different than before. New worlds are emerging now that show a hopeful path forward for people, place, and planet. We will explore these current new worlds within three categories: Grown World, Built World, and Meta World.”

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