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Shaw Contract has introduced two new lines of flooring to its use modern techniques to offer classic looks.

The Engineered Hardwood line brings the natural beauty and authenticity of wood to commercial interiors and combines timber with artisanal craftsmanship. These aspects are then paired with an innovative manufacturing process that honors the authentic properties of the material while advancing its capabilities to a new level of performance creating a new material offering for the contract market.

The collection features two distinct construction types—Engineered Ply Core Hardwood and Engineered High-Density Core Hardwood—with a variety of finishes available for enhanced performance. Each one allows for the visual of a solid core hardwood with the increased durability of an engineered construction. There are 8 styles each with its own unique aesthetic.

In addition to the unique aesthetic and enhanced performance of this product line, the collection also has sustainable attributes including 50% post-industrial recycled content in the high-density core styles.

The company has also introduced Synchronize, a custom carpet collection which captures the harmonious balance showcased when people collaboratively work together.

This collection is an innovation created with colorpoint and Canvas, Shaw Contract’s new dye-injection technology, to produce custom, large-scale carpet tile with a distinctive aesthetic unlike any other flooring product on the market, according to the company.

The flooring designers were drawn to murmuration, the act of massive flocks of starlings moving fluidly in unison throughout the sky. There’s no single leader. Instead, bird flocks form massive waves of movement in symphony and unison together. Murmuration reflects what we as humans can do in cadence with one another—traveling, working and moving through a space, fluidly and in tandem to produce something incredible.

Recognizing the vast need for varying pattern scale, square footage and budgets, the collection offers three different manufacturing technologies inherent to the needs of hospitality designers. The machine-tufted patterns offer precision pattern details and capture a carved aesthetic in multi-level cuts and loops in patterns designed specifically for larger open hospitality areas, rugs and corridors. The high-resolution, dye-injection patterns achieve unlimited capabilities in color and style, capturing the watercolor backdrop of clouds with both abstract and realistic starlings in flight.

Though shown in atmospheric shades, the collection is customizable in 280-plus solution-dyed nylon colors and unlimited dye-injection colors, providing additional options and solutions for designers.