Michael Graves acquires firm

Michael Graves Architecture (MG), an award-winning global leader in planning, architecture and interior design based in Princeton, NJ, has acquired Jose Carballo Architectural Group (JCAG), a New Jersey-based architecture firm. Following the acquisition of Maryland-based planning, architecture and interior design firm Waldon Studio Architects (WSA) earlier this year, this new acquisition is a key part of a long-term strategic growth plan for MG. The acquisition of JCAG will add the distinct strengths of the firm to this already robust foundation and continue to cultivate shared knowledge across design sectors, further revitalizing the late Michael Graves’ enduring legacy of creativity and innovation.

“When evaluating this acquisition, we knew our two firms would work well together. We were already collaborating with Jose on three projects, and our teams demonstrated our shared core values by operating as one team to serve our client,” said Joe Furey, president/CEO of MG (pictured above). “Our teams not only complement each other in terms of our design approach and deep market sector knowledge, but also through our common values, particularly when it comes to our devotion to innovation, commitment to quality and unwavering client service.”

This combination of brand recognition, aligned values and deep relationships are part of the continuation of a new chapter for MG that simultaneously honors the firm’s established heritage. Michael Graves, a renowned architect who passed away in 2015, left behind a committed and talented team and an incredible legacy of innovation and design brilliance in the firm. This latest acquisition will allow the firm to continue strengthening its expertise, particularly in the multi-family residential sector, according to the company.

Under the new company structure, JCAG Founder/Principal Jose Carballo will serve as principal, as well as head of the firm’s multi-family sector in the Tri-State area. Additionally, JCAG employees will be thoughtfully incorporated into the company’s organizational makeup in key roles. Joe Furey will oversee the ongoing integration and continued future acquisition strategy as part of MG’s forward-looking strategic plan. Regarding this strategy, Furey said, “The future of our company is not as a corporate bureaucracy. We will grow the company in scale, and in doing so, maintain the boutique feel our clients are accustomed to as we integrate the firms and continue to deliver creative solutions and extraordinary customer service.” This plan will continue to develop the company’s depth and diversity of expertise, expand its physical presence in top-tier cities across the U.S. and ensure the continuation of its founder’s legacy for the next 50 years and beyond, according to the company.

JCAG is already well-known in the Tri-State area, and is recognized for multi-family residential developments. Jose Carballo said, “I see significant growth ahead as we join with Michael Graves, allowing a bright future for my talented team, much in the way that Michael Graves paved the way for the continued success of his firm. At JCAG, we pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships and delivering high-quality work for our clients, many of whom are repeats. When we met with the Michael Graves team, we felt an immediate sense of mutual respect and were impressed by MG’s culture of thoughtfulness and collaboration. We’re excited to work together to grow the Michael Graves brand and present new and existing clients with excellent service and innovative design solutions.”

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