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Ligne Roset paired up with Marie Christian Dorner and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance–two French-born designers who draw inspiration from a global lifestyle for their respective seating concepts launching now in North America–on new sofa collections.


Marie Christine Dorner approaches each project as an opportunity to tell a story. Her latest design for Ligne Roset, L’Imprevu, is French for ‘the unexpected’ as in: the unexpected guest. This sofa offering various depths actually transforms from a two unit sectional to a two unit queen sized bed. For commercial interiors, this transformation can also create a ‘conversation pit.’ The contemporary design is sold as an asymmetric right-armed sofa. It’s the pairing of two, three, even four units together that creates a beautifully simple (looking) puzzle. She also creates the option for an added ottoman placed on the deep end, the shallow end, or the side of the seat, allowing for even more configuration flexibility.


When it comes to design, Dorner puts material first. The singularity of her work rests in the rigor of her research in material. She persuaded Ligne Roset to invest in a special robotic sewing machine that allowed her to achieve her design visions of quilted patterns. L’Imprevu is very customizable when it comes to upholsteries, with three different opportunities to mix and match colors and textures of fabrics for literally millions of color/upholstery combinations all together.


A designer of both environments and objects, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance defines his own language with the help of forms which are at once natural, flexible, organic, fluid and structured. Sintra is a more traditional sofa with a classic base for unique elegance and incomparable appeal. Although firmly anchored to the ground, this streamlined, sloping seating design remains airy with a base in natural (or anthracite-stained as pictured above) solid oak.

A reinforcing cross member in mechanically-soldered steel, concealed beneath the seat, avoids the inconvenience of a central support leg, which otherwise would have been required for support, allowing the sofa to look elegant from all angles.