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Lighting the Way

It’s a bright future for Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW). The lighting studio recently participated as the exclusive lighting partner for design agency Rapt Studio’s debut at Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan with “Tell Me More.”

Tell Me More, an interactive, immersive installation at Ventura Centrale, displayed a grand installation of Vitis, Centro pendants and Crisp sconces along the walls. Inspired by the feeling of entering a beloved space, the two-part installation consisted of an arrival chamber and expansive lounge, which served as a backdrop to explore human connection.

We caught up with RBW’s Senior Designer, Brenden Feucht, to learn more about the ideas behind the designs, the environment they aim to create and the “magic of illumination” that sets this New York-based company apart from the crowd.

Where do you seek inspiration for the lighting concepts?

We try to gain a different perspective when creating product by working with our end users. Some of our most notable projects have been our collaborations with hospitality and interior design firms Meyer Davis and Rockwell Group. The product we created with them provided amazing insight into the way we look at our products being implemented in spaces people live and work in every day. We draw inspiration from many areas. We believe in doing this; our product offers a different perspective and inherently creates a unique atmosphere in any space.

What did it mean to RBW to be the exclusive lighting partner for Rapt Studio?

It was a great honor to be selected by Rapt Studio as their exclusive lighting partner. RBW has worked on several projects with them, and this brought the two companies closer together. It was really fun to see this creative concept come to life and we continue to be impressed by Rapt Studio’s creativity and vision.

Mike Garten
The beginning process stage of developing Vitis/Mike Garten

What moods or ideas do you hope these designs communicate?

Overall, our goal is to give people the tools to create dynamic, atmospheric environments through light. While performance is critical in each of our designs—we most pride ourselves on delivering that performance through different perspectives of form, texture, layers or sculptural personalities. Each project can stem from something different—a gesture, a specific material quality, the type of application or even a surprise feature that comes out during the process. These happy surprises can end up driving our development for the entire concept. I think each of our products offer a unique personality that highlight these moments and create intricate, tactile, lighting environments for people to experience.

What was Salone del Mobile like? How did guests receive Tell Me More?

Salone is always a thrilling experience. It is inspiring to be surrounded by such great design and creativity. The exhibition was really well received, and it was great to see guests wandering into the exhibition space and being intrigued to get closer to the exhibit. Overall, we couldn’t have been prouder to be part of this exhibition.

Why LED lighting? What led RBW here?

We loved the magic of illumination. It is so much fun to see ideas come alive when they emit light. Also RBW had some great ideas at the beginning of our studio in lighting, such as the Excel Floor Lamp, which helped put us on the map as designers of lighting in 2009.

Vitis/Alison Christiana

What makes your designs unique? What sets them apart?

We love the challenge of being good at the many disciplines that are required of a manufacturing business. RBW has achieved operational excellence with rapid production turnaround; we ship after 10 days of production and 98% of our orders ship on time. We provide customized lighting in 20 business days. No other brands have this capability. We spend a lot of time in research, development and lighting science, and RBW has really emerged as a leader in decorative solid-state lighting since our first LED products in 2010. This is best exemplified by two recent exhibitions, one with flexible OLEDs at our 50 Greene St. showroom and the other exploring responsive color shifting light at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

Vitis/Alison Christiana
Alison Christiana
Vitis/Alison Christiana