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Light It Up

Light doesn’t just allow you to see great interior design, it can also be part of that design. Here’s a look at some lights that do just that:

BuzziJet Standing

The lampshade for BuzziJet Standing, BuzziSpace’s new acoustical floor lamp, is made using the company’s propriety acoustical felt material. Its circular and wide shape manipulates soundwaves to bounce back and forth, reducing noise. The aerodynamic design features a curved stem attached to a round flat base, which promotes optimal space use and extra legroom by fitting underneath desks and tables.

“BuzziJet Standing was designed with the flexibility of today’s contract spaces in mind,” said Steve Symons, creative director/CEO, BuzziSpace. “Its aerodynamic design and no installation feature promote optimal space use as the floor plate fits underneath a table, a sofa, a rug and more. The circular foam-upholstered body reduces noise, making it a great solution to balance sound in open spaces. The dimmable feature can create different atmospheres, makes it a perfect lighting element for lounge areas as well. These pendant lights have cosmic retro shapes in combination with hypermodern anodized aluminum. The design is absolutely unconventional and once again sets the tone in high-end lighting design.”

Eye in the Sky Lighting Collection

The Eye in the Sky lighting collection from Ilfari is an absolute eye-catcher that almost floats through the air like a star does in space. Cosmic retro shapes are merged with hypermodern materials and technology.

The inspiration of its designer Renee Ploegmakers was to be able to combine rather difficult features in a (for the eye) simplistic design. Combining geometric figures, minimalism and a touch of industrial design into luxurious lighting items. A true piece of art which is sophisticated yet functional. Soft shapes and sharp edges making the design mystic, feminine and exciting.

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful,” said Ploegmakers. “That is exactly what is done in the design of the Eye in the Sky lighting collection by Ilfari.

Double Rondel Sconce

The Double Rondel Sconce is the latest addition to the Tracy Glover Studio (TGS) lighting collection. Inspired by the original Rondel Sconce, a TGS favorite among interior designers, the new Double Rondel Sconce similarly features thin glass threading to create an elegant yet modern look. It creates a vibrant visual effect while also gently diffusing light with two overlapping glass rondels. It is available in a variety of handblown glass colors, patterns and metal finishings.

“The Double Rondel Sconce puts a bit of a fun twist on the original Tracy Glover Studio Rondel Sconce design,” said Tracy Glover, founder/creative director, TGS. “Adding a second, overlapping glass rondel allowed us to achieve a playful visual effect.”