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Let There be Light

Lights not only illuminate a space, but they can also add a beautiful design element.

Blade Acoustic Light from Luxxbox

Australian-based acoustic solution designer Luxxbox has expanded its color palette. New to the portfolio is the Camira Blazer pure wool that can be applied to products in its Acoustic Lighting range.

The Camira Blazer is a classic pure wool upholstery fabric with a billiard-cloth felted finish. It is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, providing the highest-quality raw materials through responsible farming techniques. The color palette is a mix of solids and mélanges across the full color spectrum, creating a versatile fabric suitable for a wide range of applications.

“With its super sleek 0.7-inch profile, our Blade acoustic pendant serves as a versatile sound management solution to reduce noise in a variety of environments,” said Jason Bird, founder/creative director at Luxxbox. “We have designed a pendant that is just as effective when hung independently, as well as in multiples or clusters. Blade can also be installed parallel, offering a continual, functional light source over workstations with a minimum of 200 lumens per foot. Illuminated Blade pendants can be installed alongside unlit baffles for increased acoustical benefits. We believe in the quality of our products that positively contribute to their environments, without compromising the aesthetic. As our most customizable acoustic solution to date, Blade is available in 16 different sizes and more than 60 colors and can be adapted to enhance a variety of spaces and aesthetics.”

Alchemy Suspension from Castro Lighting

The Alchemy handcrafted gold suspension light from Castro Lighting was designed to salute the blend of noble materials with sophisticated geometry.

The fixture is entirely made of brass with a gold-plated finish. Rectangular lines combined with a layered circle-shaped structure bring a special allure to the design.

“It’s a perfect choice for contemporary or modern interior style in both residential and commercial spaces,” according to a company designer. “It will significantly complement a living room, dining room or bedroom and brighten up the most fabulous interior designs. It will accomplish an atmosphere of elegant comfort and resplendence.”




Half Dome Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa

The Half Dome Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa is an outdoor light that is available in two styles and 34 aluminum colors.

“Never the same Half Dome, never the same light or the same mood,” said Fukasawa. “Half Dome is a great mountain with endless variations of lighting and sky situations and seasonal characteristics; the many images reflect the varied creative responses to this remarkable granite monolith. The moonlight has a particular size of diameter as people imagine it. The dimension of Half Dome light follows our image of the moonlight size.”