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KnollTextiles Launches The Clever Collection

KnollTextiles has introduced The Clever Collection. Spider webs are among nature’s most clever designs: models of balance, beauty and ingenuity. They are an enduring source of wonderment and artistic inspiration. Compelled by the form and structure of spider webs, The Clever Collection celebrates exacting line work and geometry, where every interconnected detail is created with masterful purpose and strength.

The Clever Collection includes four upholsteries, all durable to 100,000 double rubs. Created with an innovative and proprietary process, In Step’s graphic pattern is a translation of dew drops balancing on a spider web. Tempest is a dimensional texture with a mixture of multicolor novelty yarns. With wool and silk content Buzz is so much more than a solid. Much like the spider web itself, Topos upholstery with Supreen is the epitome of high performance meets beauty with its total liquid barrier and soft chenille hand.

On the vertical side, Ponder is a bleach cleanable multiuse panel fabric approved for systems, wrapped wall panels and upholstery. Equation is KnollTextiles’ first jacquard patterned acoustic sheer with elegant linework that repeats over the double width drapery.

Formation and Right Angel are classic woven wallcoverings that are both bleach cleanable. The intersecting lines on Tangent and Fraction call back to the spider web inspiration creating large-scale geometry on the wall. Fresh and exciting color combinations add to the visual impact of these non-phthalate Type II vinyl wallcoverings. All four wallcoverings in The Clever Collection are made in the U.S. and all products are Clean Air Gold Certified.