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Kimpton to Open First Ohio Hotel in March

CLEVELAND—Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ The Schofield Hotel is expected to open in March following a $50-million renovation of the Victorian-era Schofield Building, located in the heart of downtown Cleveland at 2000 East 9th St.

“Kimpton is excited to bring Cleveland into the next chapter of its renaissance with the city’s first and only true luxury boutique hotel,” said Adam Gurgiolo, general manager of The Schofield Hotel. “With the building’s rich social history and central location, visitors and locals alike will find a home away from home with delightful architecture, inviting guestrooms, a naturally lit lobby and, of course, Kimpton’s playful approach to hospitality.”

The hotel is infused with the history of Northeast Ohio, from custom Cleveland-inspired art pieces to marquee desk lamps that encourage guests to leave special messages for staff or future visitors.

The Schofield Hotel is named after the historic building’s original owner and notable Ohio architect, Levi Scofield. The restoration process exposed the building’s original terra-cotta facade, which was concealed by steel for more than 40 years.

Kimpton partnered with local developer CRM Companies, Inc.; architects STUDIOCRM; and interior and brand designers Warren Red to transform the historic building, resulting in a 122-room hotel with six suites and 52 luxury apartments, 3,800 sq. ft. of banquet space, and Parker’s Downtown, an American-style restaurant and bar. Slated to open in April, the restaurant and bar seats 120 patrons; occupies two stories and 4,700 sq. ft.; and features a lounge and bar just off the hotel lobby, a main dining area and a pair of private dining rooms.

Inside the hotel, vintage matchbooks have been transformed into custom prints that decorate each room, a nod to Northeast Ohio’s Barber Match Company, which was the largest U.S. match manufacturer in the late 19th century. Inspired by Cleveland’s garment manufacturing history, the carpet is a combination of an argyle sweater and a sock monkey. The desk lamps are custom marquee-themed light boxes with letters that can be arranged to spell out messages. The living-room style lobby features upholstered nooks beside a pedestal fireplace, as well as a collection of Cleveland-set American Splendor comics.