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Kimpton Unveils Suite for Stay Human Project

Kimpton Ink48 Hotel has unveiled Room 1403, a suite for The Kimpton Stay Human Project. The suite is a reflection of Kimpton’s belief that heartfelt human connections make people’s lives better and that commonalities and connections exist between all people. Room 1403 offers guests a unique activation that honors the hyper-local character of New York City.

Through the Kimpton Stay Human Project, Kimpton Ink48 Hotel looks forward to providing a space where guests can forge meaningful ties and challenge preconceived notions about travel. Some of the elements included in the suite are a #StayHumanProject Neon Sign, captivating wall artwork created by a local graffiti artist that captures the essence of old New York i.e. Hell’s Kitchen, a guestbook filled with questions and prompts as well as space for travelers to leave messages for one another, an iPad station with community playlist and video diary, a typewriter for custom notes, and a Polaroid camera for snapping in-the-moment shots.

The Stay Human Project suite will be available until the first week of September.