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Kelli Ellis on Designing With Depth

Kelli Ellis will be on the InspireDesign panel at Hospitality at Market.

As an internationally recognized designer, artist, speaker and author, Kelli Ellis looks at the design of a room from a historical point of view.

“It’s important that the homeowner’s or—in the case of my hotel projects—the brand’s impact statement is followed, and the feel of the space has been achieved according to my client, not convention,” said Ellis. “I believe any and all styles can be merged with careful association. I love to juxtapose styles using items with meaning and provenance. Color is the key to unifying any design.”

With each hospitality project, the brand and brand statement is the key to the design for Ellis.

“Instead of asking what one specific client wants to feel from a space, I am creating a user experience that reflects a specific mission,” she said. “Again, a juxtaposition of looks and styles, brought together with color or texture, is the key to a design with depth.”

To create a lasting impression, Ellis adds vintage pieces to a space to further enhance her designs.

“You cannot recreate or replace the age and story of vintage furnishings or accessories. I like to share the history of key pieces to be sure the guests understand the thoughtful selection and mindfulness of the team,” she said. “Little things make the user experience exceptional, and those are almost always the fine details the discerning traveler will appreciate. Because my projects strive to lead in their genre, specifically SCP Hotels (Soul Community Planet holistic community), we go beyond the vernacular to express our brand’s identity.”

The fourth annual Hospitality at Market program during Fall Market will be held Oct. 20-21. InspireDesign is the exclusive media partner.

Ellis will dig into the design details as a panelist on the InspireDesign panel at Hospitality at Market, “The Intersection of Residential and Hospitality Design.” She gave us a preview of what she’ll share among her fellow designers.

“Large, multi-use spaces have always been a must for residential design, but our hotels and workspaces are embracing the great room experience as the norm. We’ve gone in reverse, taking comfort cues from the home into hospitality,” she said.

Right now, Ellis’ passion for design is fueled by her work with SCP Hotels as the hotel team purchases different properties in need of saving.

“We are giving life to dejected and forgotten spaces that become iconic in their cities,” she said. “Using the great room concept as our common spaces, we are welcoming a wide range of visitors looking for the comforts of home, warm inviting vignettes to work, talk and make memories, traveling or not. We want our spaces to be places for our neighbors to relax and gather alongside our loyal travelers.”

So, what brings her back to Hospitality at Market? It’s a critical resource for her work.

“Most of the designers I have a chance to chat with love the idea of transitioning into hospitality design. It’s a dream for most,” she said. “Being exposed to hospitality design and the business of hospitality is how we foster the talent we know is walking around market twice a year! We welcome them all.”