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Just Keep Swimming

British Photo Artist Michael Banks, known internationally for his artwork in luxury hotels and cruise ships,
had his imagination captured this summer by an Italian swimming pool, where the reflections were “intoxicating.”

Banks used a female figure swimming underwater to pay homage to the summer, the swimmer’s form, grace and the beauty of the light, where the ripples gently distort the human form, while at once celebrating it. Inspired by David Hockney’s painting “A Bigger Splash,” and Luca Guadagnino’s movie of the same name…

“This has been a very particular year so far, and continues to throw surprises at us,” Banks said. “We are surrounded on all sides by bad news, from COVID, economic recession, to the very visible results of climate change,
shootings and violence.”

Banks said that based on the requests he receives for artwork, there has been an obvious need for “feel good,” colorful works.

“’Decoration’ is no longer an ugly word and people are responding more to imagery that evokes joy and happiness,” he said. “I don’t see this as being ‘superficial,’ rather a return to a former criteria of art that aimed to produce a strong visual pleasure for the viewer. I’m now concentrating, also for my own sanity, on producing imagery that is all about producing a positive vibe, whether through subject matter, bright color or relaxing compositions.”