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Inge Moore, Nathan Hutchins Launch MUSE London

LONDON—Interior designers Inge Moore and Nathan Hutchins have announced the formation of MUSE London, a high-concept boutique practice, specializing in one-of-a-kind projects around the world.

The new studio will be based in London’s Notting Hill and has planned luxury commissions in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and London. The duo worked as HBA London where they were president/Europe and, principal and partner, respectively. Their design approach includes storytelling, drawing on the legends, culture, color and crafts of the project location, according to the firm.

“Through our design, we discover and re-tell the stories that are held within places,” said Moore. “By nature, we are curious people who love to explore and then weave our findings into experiences that are moving, memorable and magical.”

The firm’s portfolio will include hotels, spas, restaurants, prime residential, members’ clubs, as well as luxury train and riverboat design.

“MUSE will have a very particular studio culture and that is important to us,” said Hutchins. “It will be shaped by the skills and passions of the team and this means we will be interested in the potential of the project and the client’s aspiration more than simply the size and scale of the commission.”