Indiana Furniture launches products

Indiana Furniture will begin taking orders for three new products, as well as enhancements to existing lines. These additions take design, flexibility and especially comfort to the next level, amplifying style and functionality across a broad range of applications.

“We’re taking our products to another level of design,” said Mike Blessinger, VP, marketing and sales, Indiana Furniture. “Expanding our portfolio to include more models and options with premium details allows us to better meet the needs of our clients and their diverse levels of style, all while seamlessly working with our current offering.”

Indiana Furniture introduces Plush Lounge, Polka Modular Seating and Cush Pillows, as well as enhancements to their Square One and Accessories lines:

  • Now more than ever, design for commercial and home spaces is blending. The new Plush Lounge seamlessly brings together the endurance needed for commercial spaces with the relaxed comforts of home. Introducing a smart range of freestanding and modular seating components, along with coordinating tables, that provide the flexibility and comfort needed in today’s ever-changing environments. Whether you’re looking to exude relaxed casual or simple sophistication, Plush provides unmatched versatility to configure the perfect space for your needs.
  • Designed by Jason Lansdale in conjunction with its U.K. partner, Edge Design, Polka is a flexible and fun modular seating range with soft curves and gentle waterfall edges. Its low, wide stance and asymmetric shapes provide a striking alternative for sitting, relaxing and touchdown working. Polka is perfect for atriums, lobbies and collaboration areas in a wide variety of facilities and environments, like learning, corporate and healthcare, among others.
  • The perfect pillow can help to make any lounge a little more stylish, a private nook a little cozier, and the overall room a little brighter. Indiana Furniture aims to enhance spaces with the new Cush Pillows. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, and with or without piping, to bring the comforts of home or add sophistication to any space.
  • Their popular space division line, Square One, has been enhanced with new acrylic options. These new designs embody more organic patterns to naturally integrate into any space. And additional power/data choices have been included in their Accessories line, allowing users to easily connect and wirelessly charge electronic devices.

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