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How to Up Your Minibar Game

As hotels get more and more creative with their minibar offerings, Paradigm Trends—a purveyor of hotel bathroom, bar and guestroom accessories—is seeing clear trends in the guestroom bar. Paradigm Trends’ SVP Jeanne Lissak shares three must-have products:

Ice buckets and trays are still necessities, but custom is king:

Even traditional necessities like an ice bucket should be meticulously designed to complement the decor of a guestroom. With an extensive range of styles, finishes, textures and materials to choose from, brands can up their minibar game. Some of Paradigm Trends’ most frequently specified options include the Saturn Shiny Hammered Ice Bucket and Tray (metal); the Apollo Ice Bucket (metal); the Graphite Tools and Ice Bucket (mix of metal and wood); the Clinton Ice Bucket (faux leather); and the Empire Ice Bucket (two-tone metal). Many hotels are specifically drawn to Empire because they can mix and match metals. For example, Viejas Casino & Resort opted for a custom Empire in oil rubbed bronze and neue bronze (as pictured below).


Empire in oil rubbed bronze and neue bronze by Paradigm Trends
Empire in oil rubbed bronze and neue bronze by Paradigm Trends

It’s no longer one-size-fits-all coffee accessories:

When it comes to enticing guests to indulge, each hotel has different minibar setups, coffee machines and items they put on the tray, so it’s important for brands to differentiate their guestroom by ensuring everything has its place on the minibar. Paradigm Trends works with hotels on custom coffee accessories, including colors, textures, and stitching—on everything from holders, dividers, drawer inserts with dividers, and more. For example, the Montage Los Cabos customized the Kent with Cover (pictured below), while The Eliza Jane Hotel in New Orleans went with the Kent coffee tray in light grey with bold red stitching.

Kent with cover by Paradigm Trends
Kent with cover by Paradigm Trends

Don’t forget the drawer:

In a time of everyone “Marie Kondo-ing,” [Japanese organizing consultant and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up] something as seemingly simple as guestroom bar drawer inserts can actually bring the decluttering movement to the hospitality world. For example, many hotels utilize a drawer insert with dividers (pictured below) to help things—from wine glasses to bottle openers—appear clean and organized, which travelers and maintenance staff can equally appreciate.

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