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How to Create a Wallpaper Feature

A wallpaper feature wall can transform any guestroom, and with a modest budget: just a few rolls turn a blank wall into a focal point, according to York Wallcoverings. Wallpaper can define areas or highlight architectural elements. The experts at York Wallcoverings share six ways to celebrate the feature wall:

1. Glamour in the Guestroom
The brand’s Graceful Garden in Bright is an accent wall that expands the bed’s headboard and creates a warm cocoon of enchanting flowers that are pretty without being precious. Or choose it for your own private spaces.

2. Give an Entryway Good Energy
Entryways are the handshake or hug of your home, the place where guests get acclimated and feel a sense of what’s to come. York Wallcoverings presents Zen Garden in Glint/Coral, which offers a Zen-like calm courtesy of a spirited wallpaper and Asian chest combination that welcomes and comforts all at once.

3. Define without Dominating
Less is more in this modern living room. The clean lines of Facet in Black/White from the Paper Muse collection by Stacy Garcia are just edgy enough to assert a contemporary sensibility without overwhelming the space.

4. Be Bold with Color and Pattern
Go bright and bold to add life to an otherwise neutral color scheme. Large Lattice in Spring Green is from the Watercolors collection by Carey Lind Designs for York Wallcoverings. Available in navy, coral, gray, cobalt, pearl and fuchsia, this lattice is at once playful, architectural, three-dimensional and classic, great for separating casual and more formal areas, especially in open-plan layouts.

5. From Awkward to Awesome
Turn an awkward nook or inset wall into an awesome architectural statement with a soft oversized floral wallpaper. Watercolor Poppy in Neutrals from the Watercolors collection by Carey Lind Designs for York Wallcoverings is akin to a floor-to-ceiling work of art. York’s exclusive SureStrip adhesive technology that simplifies installation and guarantees removal. 

6. Create Layers of Art
A strong interest in industrial designs shakes up our notions about everything from art placement to space definition. Irongate Trellis from the Geometrics collection by Ashford House for York Wallcoverings features a richly textured grasscloth faux wallpaper. It is natural, architectural, and ideal for warming a stark space and complementing thought-provoking artwork.