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Hotel Indigo Savannah Historic District Unveils Art Installation

SAVANNAH, GA—Hotel Indigo Savannah Historic District has completed its new six-story art installation, Radiant Awakening, created in collaboration between Noble Investment Group, the boutique hotel’s ownership, and Savannah College of Art and Design’s (SCAD) Collaborative Learning Center.

Through a 10-week custom class, SCAD students created a concept and design exclusively for Noble’s new Hotel Indigo here. Ten School of Fine Arts students from SCAD Atlanta worked together for the project. The class included a team of artists, illustrators, photographers, printmakers and sculptors.

“SCAD knows a thing or two about adaptive-new use, art curation and collaboration. When Noble decided to create a beautiful new hotel out of a bygone building in downtown Savannah, and needed a statement work worthy of its historic significance, they knew who to call,” said Paula Wallace, president and founder of the Savannah College of Art and Design. “Our students rose to the challenge—all six stories—of this art installation to produce a sculpture that reflects both the hip tenor of Hotel Indigo’s renovated interior and the city’s suffusive charm. Savannah’s coolest new hotel coupled with the coolest creative minds—it’s a perfect match.”

While the class created the ultimate design for Radiant Awakening, SCAD student Natalie Cranor developed the initial concept of the art installation. Her design was selected by Noble following individual concept presentations from each student. Cranor’s original source of inspiration for the contemporary art installation was drawn from the intricate wrought ironwork found throughout the historic squares and gardens of the city. Specifically, the design was based upon a wrought iron staircase railing from the Art Nouveau period, the same period in which the Guckenheimer Building was constructed in 1892.

“Once Noble acquired the property in 2014, we set about the task of bringing the Guckenheimer Building back to new life,” said Roy Croop, SVP of asset management at Noble Investment Group. “With so much being done to enliven the interior of the hotel, Noble wanted to treat the exterior similarly and ultimately create a work of art unlike any other in Savannah.”

Although it shares the same original Art Nouveau source of inspiration, the Radiant Awakening art installation reveals a new and contemporary design that is custom-made to work with the existing features of the building. The intricate pattern design was waterjet cut from metal sheets, and has tracks of LED lights installed behind the metal components, which will be programmed to change colors, adding visual interest to the design at night.