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Hit the Right Notes With Design

Music feeds the soul, evoking emotions in those it speaks to, reminding us of memorable moments in our lives. And photography that captures that spirit can add to any design that aims to appeal to those who want authentic, personalized travel.

Morrison Hotel Gallery, which provides authentic open and limited-edition vintage prints/art and represents more than 125 music photographers, is venturing into the hotel interior design, hospitality and commercial markets, providing artwork for an array of projects across the country.

Former record company marketing executive Peter Blachley, music retail industry professional Richard Horowitz, and music photographer Henry Diltz, all founders of Morrison Hotel Gallery, as well as the company’s fourth partner, photographer, author and director Timothy White, intend to add life to hotel spaces.

Photo Credit: Timothy White

“We believe that the hospitality market is a great fit for the images we represent,” Blachley said. “Over the 17 years we have been in business, our customer satisfaction results are based on the unique ability to define their brand’s lifestyle through the authentic and iconic imagery that music represents. Since we have a unique partnership with the best music photographers and their estates all over the world, we are able to create the perfect fit of fine art music photography.”

Blachley noted that music photography is inspiring because “there’s an emotional connection to music that everyone experiences. It is not bound by borders or language. From Frank Sinatra to the Beatles to modern day R&B, we are drawn to what these images we grew up with represent in our lives.”

Photo Credit: Timothy White

And guests agree, he said. “Music photography is extremely appealing to guests because it can evoke a familiar and comfortable feeling for them. For instance, if your hotel is in a historical district of a city, it’s likely that music played a big part in that history,” Blachley said. “We can help that property embrace the historic and cultural significance. Or, we can enhance a design experience by working with the designers and builders to accomplish the unique setting through musical, celebrity or sports imagery. The advantage of working with Morrison Hotel Gallery is that our imagery is authentic and real.”

How does it work? “My business partner, Timothy White, is a world-class music and celebrity photographer for 40-plus years. He is also experienced in curatorial design specifically for the hotel and leisure markets,” Blachley said. “Between us, we can work with the designers from conception to completion to help define their vision and plans.”