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Hidden Beauty

British photo-artist Michael Banks is credited with creating some of the most exciting and unique artwork in today’s modern art scene. His original and innovative abstract photo-art has led to collaborations with art consultants, interior designers and gallerists. He considers himself a photographic artist, specialized in art for hospitality spaces.

“My guiding mantra has always been: ‘The World is full of Hidden Beauty.’ I live to reveal that,” Banks told InspireDesign. 

He continued, “In an everyday sense, that translates into using my camera to find artistic compositions in the world around me, and to search out and bring out impactful forms and shapes that could easily be overlooked. This often involves macro or abstract photography, transforming the visual content that I’m surrounded by into cool, eclectic, innovative and interior-enhancing pieces of art.”

“I apply my singular vision to any subject-matter, whether still-life object, nature, architecture or figure, trying to capture
its essence, and trying to add new interest to the familiar,” he said. “The painter William Turner famously said ‘The Sun is God’, and as a photographer, who needs light to be able to create, and who enjoys the highlights and shadows of every single day, that quote also has a particular resonance.”