Hazy Day by Marset

Marset has introduced its new collection, Hazy Day, designed by Uli Budde. The product is an outcome of a study of lighting and how it diffuses, particularly during the time of day in which the sun hasn’t risen and daylight is filtered through the haze, which also produced the collection’s name. As a hanging lamp, the opal glass ball fades from a sandy matte to a shiny transparent finish at the small curvature that rounds out from the lampshade, breaking up the geometry of the sphere and highlighting the glassblowing technique used to make the product. Another detail of Hazy Day is that the downward-shifted position of the bulb and bottom curvature, from a particular vantage point, can make it appear as though there are two sources of light. It comes in two sizes, the larger of which has a 44-cm. diameter and the smaller of which has a 32-cm. diameter.


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