Graham & Brown launch collection

Graham & Brown has launched a custom wallpaper and mural collection with Artist Clarissa Hulse. The luxury wallpaper and mural collection is an invitation to wander into a magical Wiltshire Garden where wildflower and seedheads glow against luminous, open skies.

This collection is the culmination of more than 20 years spent hand-printing botanical designs and is a celebration of the timeless beauty of the natural world. Every leaf, stem, bud and flower was collected by Clarissa in the wilds of the Wiltshire, and carefully photographed back in her London studio.

Serendipity Greenhouse wall mural & Prosecco White Eggshell paint

Turn any room or space into an enchanting meadow wilderness, with the Serendipity Mural. Delicate layers of foliage in shades of olive, chartreuse and peacock draw the eye into this magical world. This large-scale pattern is available as a made-to-measure bespoke wall mural, making it unique to each space. Available in three colorways.

Meadow Grass Shell & Pewter wallpaper

The combination of delicate shell pinks and luxuriant Verdigris work in harmony to offer the perfect example of how to layer color, texture and pattern to create a striking yet elegant scheme. Golden Meadow grasses arc gracefully against the pink ombre background of this gorgeous new printed design. Clarissa created this signature design after spending a summer’s evening photographing grasses in the fading light.

Biophilia is no longer just a trend but a lifestyle, and one that Clarissa has long been championing through her designs.

Summer Border Verdigris & Venus Eggshell paint

Seen here is the new Summer Border design which is a portrait of a meadow wilderness, in luminous teal, turquoise and chartreuse palette. The design was inspired by one of Clarissa’s favorite haunts; a magical garden belonging to her friend and renowned garden designer Tania Compton. The abundant tangle of grasses, teasels, dill seeds heads and verbena capture the essence of wild and natural beauty.

Willowherb Spring wall mural & Capulet Eggshell paint

Bring the outside in with this new and exquisite mural of wildflowers in full bloom. The soft teal and blush shades of the Willowherb stems and flowers catch the light in a misty meadow moment The Willowherb mural is available in Spring, Autumn and Winter colorways.

The wonderful, bright and bold collection of new wallpapers has been produced in collaboration with Graham & Brown. All wallpapers are available in a wide selection of shades.

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