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Glamour and Elegance Revived

The Fisher Island Club Hotel & Resort has completed a multimillion-dollar interior renovation to the historic Vanderbilt Mansion, the epicenter of club and hotel life—which included the redesign of the Snooker Club, drawing room and library.

The new design is a fresh and brilliant take on Fisher Island’s historic old-world glamour and regal elegance. The Snooker Club and the Drawing room have been reimagined into social areas where members can gather for a drink or relaxation. New wallpaper, light fixtures, art, furniture and fresh paint were just a few updates made to enhance and reinvent these beautiful spaces.

“We drew inspiration from the Vanderbilt Mansion’s storied past and created a design based on our history and the globetrotting lifestyle of the well-traveled guests and members of Fisher Island Club,” said designer Adriana Hoyos. “In the Drawing Room, we incorporated Floridian colors inspired in the birds, ocean and landscape of the Island. For the Snooker bar, we wanted to bring back a touch of European glamour, incorporating velvets, gold and burgundy to create a sophisticated and cozy space.”

Once the private winter estate of the William K. Vanderbilt II family, the island’s distinctive and luxurious guest accommodations are an oasis of beauty, comfort and extraordinary style with a touch of old-world charm.

“The Snooker Room captures the essence of the ’30s European glamour by creating a space full of textures, drama and intimacy,” said Hoyos. “The best example of this style is in the blue paneled walls, which added a touch of nightlife allure this exclusive gathering space needed. The Drawing Room is a reinterpretation of the Floridian color scheme, creating an eclectic and colorful space that is relaxed yet refined. The best example of this is the vibrant turquoise and coral colors used in the furnishings, which are similar to the design of Le Sirenuse.”

Resort accommodations include luxury vacation cottages, courtyard villas and guesthouse suites, each with their own unique selection of amenities, such as in-ground Jacuzzis and private courtyards.

“Although the Maurice Fatio-designed architecture of the Vanderbilt Mansion is a timeless beauty, we were able to bring back luster and life to the interior areas for hotel guests and members to enjoy for several years,” she said. “We are particularly proud that this new design allows us to highlight the flexibility of these spaces through the selection of custom pieces within the original layout and design.”