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Fashion Takes Form

In a high-end shopping district outside of Jackson, MS, the Hampton Inn & Suites Ridgeland, MS hotel, owned by Desai Hotel Group, had to not only cater to its clientele, but deliver a look that was both cost-conscious and classic.

After researching the neighborhood, Barrett Design Studio kept with fashion, telling the story of a fashionista’s travels through design.

“She has a personality of a Nicole Kidman or an Audrey Hepburn—a classic beauty who moves gracefully and with elegance,” said Celia Barrett, CEO/principal designer, Barrett Design Studio. “As you enter the hotel, you see a hint of what is to come. Straight ahead there is a rich deep purple wall with a black lacquered Soji console. The console underside is gold leafed. The colorful photo of fuchsia orchids above the console is framed with a large museum-style mat.”

Michael Barrett of Barrett Photography

The walls are adorned with artwork of black-and-white fashion prints, a black aged-wood floor lines the front desk and lobby, while guests can feast their eyes on a long crystal chandelier over the community table.

Greek key molding was added as the apron of the table and a Cambria quartz for a luscious look on the top, Barrett said, and the custom sconces in the corridors have a gold ribboned classic X pattern within a contemporary form.

Michael Barrett of Barrett Photography

“Look closely at the seating areas for minimal dressmaker detailing, contrasting welting and a row of large covered buttons on silk‐like draperies. Many of the fabrics are known fashion prints like houndstooth or herringbone; silver gray animal print pillows add a small touch of glamour. Taupe velvet is the grounding staple,” she added.

The only accent color is fuchsia, reminiscent of a Jackie O. suit, with fashion taking form throughout. “Even the elevator lobbies on upper floors have ‘Chanel‐like’ wallcoverings with camellias in a boxed pattern,” she said.

Guestrooms remain neutral but showcase colorful artwork, a nod to vintage design with a playful touch.

“To give it a boutique look and still get it approved by the brand, we used the basic functional elements required, yet pushed the limit to make it timeless and not trendy,” Barrett said. “Our use of fashion black-and-white photos almost didn’t make the brand cut, but in the end, with just a few compromises, we were able to keep the curated look on a budget.”