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Designtex, West Elm & Crypton Collaborate

Designtex has released four new textile patterns with West Elm, the fourth collaboration from two companies with a shared passion for innovation and responsible design.

“We were excited to work on this fourth collection with West Elm because the work we have done with them was really the first collection that started to speak to this ‘resi-mmercial’ aesthetic that was emerging,” said Susan Lyons, president, Designtex, in a web event announcing the collection. “As we progressed in the development of the subsequent collections, we started talking more about [adding] a real high-performance aspect to the work that they were doing.”

The Designtex + West Elm Collection combines a residential look and feel with commercial performance for four woven upholstery styles inspired by classic textiles and mid-century fashion: Boucle Melange, Chenille Chevron, Chunky Tweed and Corded. Each style is available in a variety of colorways and is suitable for contract applications across hospitality venues, congregate spaces, senior living and corporate settings.

With more than 40 years of experience designing solutions for healthcare spaces, Designtex also brings insight in cleaning and disinfecting applied materials to the Designtex + West Elm Collection. These four new styles feature Crypton chemistry, a bonded fabric system that renders the textiles durable and easy to clean and disinfect, while maintaining the fabric’s feel and beauty. The integrated moisture barrier for stain resistance is free of phthalates, carcinogens and toxins.”

“We are very excited about the performance, because it meets this COVID moment in a really useful way,” said Lyons. “We like to say that the collection feels residential, but performs commercial and is designed for disinfection.”

The four new patterns bring modern sensibility to classic techniques for a handsome range of textural solutions with a rich aesthetic palette.

Chunky Tweed (pictured at top) brings modern sensibility to this iconic textile construction with a more free-form approach to the expected variations in hue. Chunky Tweed is designed to add understated poise to classic or contemporary spaces.

In Boucle Melange, the classic looped texture of bouclé fabric is combined with the mélange dying technique for a textile that is both texturally rich and variegated in color. The resulting heathered effect creates dimensional depth in an already tactile fabric.

Chenille Chevron updates the iconic zig-zag pattern popular in the 1960s and ’70s in subtly tufted chenille, a fabric which can appear nearly iridescent as the pile catches the light. The visual interest of the large-scale pattern is complemented by the texture of the yarn and matched by the fabric’s softness.

Corded combines the plushness of corduroy with unexpected elegance. The perfectly parallel wale features slight variations in color, emphasizing texture that looks as beautiful as it feels, according to the company.

“The collection is inspired by classic textile constructions that originally started out as durable workwear and activewear fabrics,” said Esther Lee, senior designer, Designtex. “Tweeds, boucles, and corduroys quickly found their way into high-end fashion and home as designers recognized their comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. As our work and home spaces continue to merge, this collection addresses the growing need for materials that offer durability, cleanability, as well as comfort and classic style.”