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Amanda Jackson will be on the InspireDesign panel at Hospitality at Market.

“Design is first and foremost about storytelling,” said Amanda Jackson, director of projects & business development at Wilson Associates in Dallas. “It’s also about sculpting soulful and evocative spaces where people create memories and experience a sense of history from the locale. This is especially true for residential and hospitality design in which the designer tells the story of the client’s life or gives a sense of place for the hotel.”

With 20 years of experience in this industry, Jackson is also a leader, mentor and designer. As a first-timer to Hospitality at Market, Jackson is ready to expand her horizons, adding new chapters to the narratives she creates.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all of the vendors and new products, and meeting other designers—especially now with the cross-collaboration between hospitality and residential,” she said.

The third annual Hospitality at Market program during Fall Market will be held Oct. 14-15. InspireDesign is the exclusive media partner.

Led by Christina Trauthwein, editor-in-chief of InspireDesign, Jackson will participate in a panel of industry leaders—Barclay Butera, Javier Egipciaco, Gary Inman, Matt McClelland and Liliane Stacishin Moura—in an exploration of the essential elements of a guest experience that connects, transports and inspires.

“I’m excited to discuss how creating a design narrative truly gives a sense of place and brings that story to life through various finishes, lighting, furniture and accessories,” said Jackson.

Every storyteller must source inspiration. For Jackson, it can come from anywhere. “To help truly tell the story, I love looking at the history of the locale and discovering what truly makes it unique. I also find inspiration on a regular basis while visiting art galleries or museums. When I travel or dine, I’m inspired by architecture, texture and color,” she said.

Jackson points to Hospitality at Market as another source for designers to spark inspiration and to network. “To have the opportunity to discover all sorts of new products is beneficial, especially in a setting where creatives from different backgrounds in the design industry can come together,” she said. “It’s always wonderful to be able to speak with other designers and listen to their perspectives.”

Referring to the upcoming panel discussion at Hospitality at Market, Jackson noted that creating memorable interior designs is all in the details—whether it be an intimate residence or a large-scale hotel.

“My goal has always been to craft a memorable space that is not only beautiful but also functions best for the end user with a comfortable feel,” she said. “Ultimately, design is never about one person’s vision. I am a facilitator bringing the story and client’s vision to life. As a designer, I feel privileged to create stories within spaces that serve as the backdrop for monumental life celebrations and lasting memories.”

—Corris Little

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