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Current Tastes in Foodservice Design

When it comes to food, it isn’t always about the taste. Presentation can have a strong influence on how a dish is received. That can also be true of the atmosphere of the place it is being served. InspireDesign spoke with Kaitlin Eckenroth, architectural associate, and Molly Forman, interior designer, with //3877, for their takes on the latest trends in foodservice design.

Are there any colors that are trending?

Eckenroth: Mint green and dusty rose are being used a lot, especially when layered with a deeper color like an emerald green to really give the palette some depth. Achieving contrast with various saturations has become an essential tool to making any popular color scheme successful since it yields warmth and character within a space.

How about furnishings?

Hilton Garden Inn Annapolis Downtown

Forman: Furnishings for these areas have become focused on hitting two elements, multifunctionality and residential aesthetics. The marketplace is aiming to hit the mark between form and function with these designs, pulling in mid-century modern pieces and streamlining their silhouettes into thinner, more residentially focused variations. At the same time, each furnishing is equipped with modern conveniences, such as built-in charging modules cleverly tucked within the piece’s framework. The overall goal is to provide an optimal user experience, while achieving a warm, rich aesthetic.



Have local aspects become a part of designs for hospitality foodservice projects?

Hilton Garden Inn Annapolis Downtown

Eckenroth: Locality has always been relevant in these spaces and only continues to grow in importance. Within this context, locality has been increasingly applied through the sourcing of local artistry. The work included is more than just a few sculptural pieces added to a particular area, but instead is sourced as a central design focal point. Examples are large-scale wall murals or the hiring of artisans who can apply a locally known technique or design trade to the space. This concept gives each property a unique soul and allows for the location’s employees to not only connect directly with the design, but to be excited about sharing the narrative behind it all with guests.