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Eye-catching. Fresh. Cheeky. Elegant. Shutterstock’s Creative Trends report shows that design-oriented minds are bolder (and more nostalgic) than ever, based on image, video and music searches and downloads from Shutterstock customers. Loud prints, bold graphics, delicate details and sustainable, global influences are empowering people across the world to showcase their individual personalities. See how they rate below:


‘Zine culture: The bold “zine” pop art aesthetic got a digital makeover. From collages and paper cutouts to the rough-edged layers with dynamic colors and images, zines, once largely underground and a platform for local punk’s manifesto, have gone couture.

  • Contemporary art collage +1376%

’80s Opulence: Gold chains, animal prints and attitude. Forget good taste, this is about good times. Clashing is the keyword for this trend. Think leopard print and snakeskin, peacock feathers and gold chain belts, soft fur and hard metal textures.

  • Elegance pattern +1060%
  • Snakeskin pattern +157%
  • Chain print +731%
  • Leopard print pattern +168%

Yesterday’s tomorrow: Think old school video games, brash neon and futuristic landscapes.

  • Synthwave +717%
  • Retrowave +676%
  • Duotone +230%


Beyond plastic: Green culture has gone couture. Gaining global attention, this trend is a reminder that the choices we make matter.

  • Plastic free +729%
  • Bamboo toothbrush +656%
  • Hemp +752%

Kawaii: The Japanese culture of cuteness is about to go mainstream.

  • Kawaii +911%
  • Cute illustration +182%

Kalamkari: Discover the ancient, intricate art of Indian painting and printmaking.

  • Kalamkari +160%
  • Ceramic decors +974%

Rococo romance: Embrace maximalism with rich vintage patterns, Old World paintings and dramatic flourishes.

  • Design vintage romantic +1296%
  • Damask +1227%

Prism: Explore the rainbow with this optimistic style with a 3D feel.

  • Disco lights +7923%
  • Rainbow geometric +434%

Hypnotic: Lose yourself in these swirling patterns and eye-catching designs.

  • Poly art +844%
  • Kaleidoscope +513%
  • Hypnotic +741%

Everyday futurism: A celebration of the technological advances that are redefining our lives.

  • Esports +1679%
  • Face ID +1414%
  • RPA +923%

One to Watch:

Tempting typography

  • Icing letters +8389%