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Condado Plaza revitalized with
two distinct guestroom designs

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO–– LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels knew that one of its Puerto Rico properties, the 577-room Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino, had once been a leader in the key San Juan market. However, a lack of investment over the years had left the property with its glory days seemingly far behind.
The challenge facing the hotel’s management team, led by managing director Raul Bustamante, was to refresh the design of the guestrooms and public spaces to make them appealing to today’s business and leisure luxury travelers. “At the same time though, we didn’t want to sacrifice any of the uniquely San Juan-Caribbean feel and flavor that had given the property such a high profile in the 1970s,” Bustamante noted.
Design firm Leo A. Daly was appointed the task of bringing the Condado Plaza back to life. Particular attention was placed on the property’s guestrooms, which are located in two distinct wings–– one overlooking the ocean, the other with views of a laguna. “In planning the guestroom redesign, this gave us the opportunity to create two color palettes, each reflecting a different aspect of the San Juan sensory experience,” said Patricia Miller, vp/corporate director of hospitality, Leo A. Daly. “Rooms in the laguna tower are more serene, featuring shades of green to reflect the island’s lush vegetation and flora, while the color palette in the ocean tower rooms is starkly different— a mix of hot red, orange, and pink to reflect the high-energy nightlife and Latin sense of passion,” she said. Furniture in both the tower and laguna wings was custom designed and incorporates stylized shapes and rich fabrics.
Creating two distinct design schemes for the resort was clearly a good decision that has revitalized the luxury property. Guest reaction to both guestroom designs has been highly positive, according to Bustamante.
The bathroom redesign has gotten high marks as well. “While no structural work was done to the bathrooms themselves, adjoining closets were moved and white tile was used, not only to contrast more strongly with the color palette, but to make the bathroom appear larger,” Miller said.
“The redesign overall has been critical to the hotel achieving its objective— once again becoming the premier ‘place to be seen’ in San Juan,” Bustamante added.