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Colorful Inspiration

Color can be a powerful tool in a designer’s toolbox, influencing the mood, feel and direction of a space.

“Color has the power to evoke a specific emotion within a space,” said Emily Kantz, interior designer at Sherwin-Williams. “It has the ability to convey a sense of mystery with darker, deeper shades, or it can be lighthearted with bright, colorful hues.

The color marketing team at Sherwin-Williams recently created 2020 color collections for the hospitality market. Based off the 2020 Colormix Forecast, the market-specific palettes are designed to help inspire professionals to use color to create inviting, beautiful hospitality environments.

“I have been a member of the Sherwin-Williams color forecasting team for the past four years,” Kantz said. “As part of my role, I track the color design trends throughout the commercial segments, including the hospitality market, and keep a pulse on where things are going in the industry. I love this because I can push the boundaries in terms of pattern, color and design since hospitality tends to be at the forefront of trends.

“For the new hospitality 2020 palettes, we looked at what is happening in the commercial market, what is trending for home, as well as what is happening in fashion and culture,” she added. “Big overarching trends, such as sustainability, adaptive-reuse and escapism are huge factors that will be influencing the hospitality market this year.”

This year’s hospitality palette includes the Breezy Sunset palette, which was inspired by biophilic elements; Pool Party, a mix of bright and photogenic colors; and Reinvented Classics, a palette that brings a sense of past design styles into hotel lobbies or cafés by incorporating deep jewel tones to create impressive backdrops.

“Biophilia continues to inspire interior environments by bringing plants and elements of the natural landscape indoors. Inspired by the earth and the local landscape, this palette evokes a sense of serenity and mindfulness,” Kantz said of Breezy Sunsets.

With Pool Party, she noted, “Bright, happy and instantly Instagrammable, this palette creates an amusing and energetic atmosphere. This collection reminds people to have some fun and play like a kid again.”

As for Reinvented Classics? “As we return to past design styles, such as Bauhaus and Art Deco, designers and architects are embracing and creating a fresh approach to these timeless design periods,” she said. “It is becoming more and more popular to take an existing building, recapture its spirit and bring new life to a once abandoned space. The colors in this collection bring a rich decadence and a stunning backdrop to restaurants, guestrooms and hotel lobbies.”

Sherwin-Williams worked with designers to create flatlay images for the different segments. Shown here is an image designer Niki Broyn from Nikibi Design created for the Pool Party palette.