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As many businesses and facilities strive for more dynamic, communal culture, designers look for unique and practical furnishings to create connections in their spaces. The Circa Lounge System by Alison Spear for Coalesse is a longtime favorite of designers due to its simple sophistication, modularity and configurability. Now, Circa pushes even further, making the classic lounge modern and placing power into the hands of the designers with an extended range of materiality.

New leg enhancements include cylinder oak and modern metal styles, in addition to the standard maple, walnut and metal tapered leg options. The new modern metal and cylinder wood leg styles can be shared between seating applications to provide a clean, minimal aesthetic. This added range of design styles and material options empowers designers to create diverse aesthetics with a single lounge system. The simple, yet sophisticated, cylinder wood leg is now offered in all standard Coalesse oak finishes and the new modern metal design is available in 13 Coalesse standard paint finishes with lux coatings also available.