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Carpet Culture

Cool, comfortable carpets. Not just for utility, carpets add pops of color and culture into rooms, while imparting that comfy, at-home feel. Here’s a look at companies taking creative stabs at the ever-classic carpet:

Dye Lab – Shaw Contract Design Studio

For the reintroduction of the Dye Lab collection, the Shaw Contract Design Studio conducted research on color to enhance the collection with newly curated colorways. After conducting hundreds of dye experiments to establish the color palette and understand tonal variation, the team challenged the traditional beck dye process and developed an innovative approach to the dyeing that creates an unpredictable, varied and bespoke visual. Dye Lab’s palette draws upon nature, a color journey that included the exploration of more than 20 dyes.

Inspired by colors produced with natural and plant-based ingredients, the collection contains hundreds of mutable variations, subtle ranges of luxe color and texture. Each carpet tile in the Dye Lab collection features color ranges from light to medium to dark, from subtle to rich. By keeping the most beloved colors from the original collection and adding a variety of new shades, an updated palette unfolds, one that is contemporary, timeless and always sophisticated.

“To create the visual for Dye Lab, we confronted our process and challenged manufacturing to forget everything they thought they knew about how piece-dyed product was made,” said Ashley Olson, design manager, Shaw Contract Workplace Studio. “We altered the status quo to create a product that is truly unique.”

Persian Colors by Nanimarquina


Persian Colors is created with one of the most complex weaving techniques—hand-knotting—that requires artisans to incorporate individual knots row by row; the traditional Persian method has an extra step of cutting knots individually to create the pile.

“Inspired by Persian craftsmanship and millenary weaving traditions, Persian Colors focuses on returning to the basics and enjoying the small details of life,” said Nani Marquina, designer, Nanimarquina.

Atrium Rug – Maison Sarah Lavoine’s Blue Collection

Tufted by hand and native to India, the Atrium carpet easily adapts to all interiors. With its patterns and beautiful texture, this piece is elegantly reminiscent and inspired by Moroccan tiles around indoor water features. This carpet, made from natural essences, will bring comfort and warmth to floors.

“The Atrium rug is perfect if you want to give some character to your interiors with all pattern and a touch of (blue) color,” said Sarah Lavoine, founder/creative CEO, Maison Sarah Lavoine.