Cambria launches bookmatching

Cambria, an American-made, family-owned producer of natural quartz surfaces, continues to drive innovation and fuel inspiration with its latest introduction of bookmatching—the use of two mirror-image Cambria slabs, set side by side on the same surface like the pages of an open book. Bookmatching is the perfect way to showcase the natural beauty of Cambria, transforming it into a powerful statement-making piece of art, according to the company. This introduction comes on the heels of the launch of Cambria’s 6 mm. thickness—extra thin and lightweight slab profiles fit for both commercial and residential applications.

“Bookmatching is a great way to show off some of Cambria’s most iconic designs featuring dramatic veining and movement,” said Summer Kath, EVP, design, Cambria. “Creating the mirror image of the vein pattern and making a visual statement is so well-suited for commercial applications in hotels like wall cladding in reception areas, fireplace surrounds, tub and shower walls in guestrooms and bars in hotel restaurants.”

Available in nine 1 cm. designs in both Cambria Matte and high gloss finishes, Cambria’s bookmatching technique elevates commercial and residential applications such as wall cladding, shower and fireplace surrounds, backsplashes and islands.

“Bookmatching slabs is not a new technique, but with Cambria’s cutting-edge innovations and technology, we have been able to create designs that lend themselves to bookmatching, so the time seemed right to select the designs from our palette that would be ideal for bookmatching where the adjacent slabs essentially replicate each other making for a striking visual statement in any setting,” Kath explained.

Convenient pre-matched slabs and precise vein matching enable stunning visual effects. The bookmatching technique is bold and breathtaking, transforms any space and has a pleasingly symmetrical effect making the grain stand out and the space feel custom and elevated.

Bookmatching creates the kind of visual impact which can define the most ambitious projects. In the case of the Omni Viking Lakes Hotel, a newly opened four-star, mixed-use property in suburban Minnesota, the design team sought ways to implement a bold American Nordic theme while creating a distinctive experience in each type of space.

“Bookmatching works so well in hotels and other commercial spaces because bookmatching slabs are show-stopping installations that make an artistic statement,” Kath said. “It’s a way to stop people in their tracks in public and private areas within a hotel. Bookmatched slabs are an artform.”

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