Bungalow Collection by Aimée Wilder

Aimée Wilder has launched the Bali-inspired Bungalow Collection, including the Boating, Deliciosa, Piña (shown), Swell and Wildflower patterns. The line includes wallpaper and fabric designs with tropical themes such as boats, jungle leaves, pineapples, ocean waves and wildflowers. New printing processes, such as the use of transparency, add depth to the patterns, especially Wildflower, Deliciosa and Piña. The colors range from pinks, blues, greens and oranges to greys, taupes and metallics. Los Angeles-based surf apparel brand Mowgli Surf co-designed the Swell pattern with Aimée Wilder. The Boating design is a product of the continued collaboration between Wilder and Finnish designer Ivana Helsinki. Each pattern is available in a number of colors.


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