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Javier Egipciaco will be on the InspireDesign panel at Hospitality at Market.

Arlo Hotels’ origin began with a small group of people who wished to create a brand that is hopeful and inclusive. “We looked at other brands for inspiration and outlined the pain points—ranging from design to operations to the needs of guests—and set a goal to remedy them and put out a product that addressed it,” said Javier Egipciaco, managing director, Arlo Hotels.

The brand’s momentum is strong as it currently has Arlo Nomad and Arlo Soho—both in New York City—with a third set for Manhattan’s Hudson Yards and slated to open in 2020. Future locations in major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Washington, DC and Nashville, TN are also on the horizon.

Design has been a key factor in Arlo Hotels’ identity and it remains so. “You have to have a sense of where you are, and the culture needs to come through from a design perspective,” said Egipciaco. “It’s how we carry ourselves and how the message is received on the guest side. We also want to create activations and programming for a truly unique experience while promoting the city we’re in.”

Thriving in an atmospheric New York City, Egipciaco is aware that guests are coming to the city first and hotel second. “We want to embrace the location and tell them about the great experiences we offer. If you have time, we have this cool activation on-site. It’s about finding that sweet spot, not too much or too little. We put together this secret sauce where the ingredients are culture and design to create an experience that everyone enjoys.”

The third annual Hospitality at Market program during Fall Market will be held Oct. 14-15. InspireDesign is the exclusive media partner.

Egipciaco has learned a lot through the process of creating a brand from scratch. While it’s been said before, it remains true: It’s about design with purpose. Design and concept firm Avroko offered Arlo Hotels a soup-to-nuts approach, handling the branding, interiors, custom furniture and lighting.

“I learned a lot working with them night and day to open the hotels. I understand why they created a certain piece or these little nooks to help define areas and what it all represents,” he said. “At Hospitality at Market, I’d like to share with attendees how we create memorable moments and define experiential design. How we value quality over quantity. It’s my first time at High Point and I did a bit of research, so I’m humbled to be a part of it. I think it’s a great platform for me to share.”

Arlo Hotels’ upcoming property in Hudson Yards will continue the tradition of purposeful design, with the addition of more space in the guestrooms. At 479 keys, it will be the largest Arlo Hotel. Egipciaco sees the size of the property as a personal challenge to maintain the brand’s boutique vibe. “We don’t want to lose the connection, and will offer personalized service, using a mix of mobile check-in and true concierge service. We’re working with Meyer Davis. They get it. They’re constantly visiting the current properties to see how to build on the next Arlo 2.0.”

While at High Point, Egipciaco also wants to learn and absorb all the sights and sounds of this annual event for the hospitality industry. “I want to learn a lot, connect with folks and say, ‘This is what we’re doing. What are your thoughts?’ Nothing is secret. It’s important we are out there and transparent with our peers,” he concluded.

—Corris Little

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