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Mark Friesen, principal, Beyer Brown

Beyer Brown Talks Budget Strategies

“There’s that old saying of ‘If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail,’ and that applies to budgets especially. Taking the time to get accurate preliminary budgets can really help in the long run and throughout the length of the project,” said Mark Friesen, principal, Beyer Brown, based in Orlando, FL.

Beyer Brown’s extensive network and know-how has enabled its hospitality clients to save on their expected budgets.

“As a purchasing agent, it all starts with putting together preliminary budgets. It’s important to involve us as soon as possible in the process, even in the design phase, which can be very beneficial to better understand any potential issues related to costs, timing or quality,” said Friesen.

“One of the biggest concerns is always making sure that a project finishes on time and on budget. We have found over the years that a good purchasing company can have a significant impact on those items and can take some measures to ensure success.”

For a hotel project to go off without a hitch, there’s meticulous planning at every stage and communication is critical to the process and outcome.

“We’ve found that when everyone on the project team is communicating well, then there is a much higher chance that the project will go be a success,” he said. “There are always events and situations that can cause the project to go off course. However, when the team can effectively and efficiently communicate, then there is a much better chance that the project can get back on track.”

He continued, “Our biggest mission is that we are working on the behalf of our client. We act as an extension of the client and purely in their interest. We know that communication is key and keep everyone in the loop throughout the entire process, from vendors to designers to owners. The key for us is customer service. We strive to maintain the fastest response times, and customer service that exceeds all expectations. With customer service comes communication, and with communication comes peace of mind.”

In an effort to avoid costly delays, one of the firm’s key strategies is communication and a willingness to be proactive.

“If something has to change, we are always updating and getting approvals from the designers and ownership,” he said. “We’re always trying to think five steps ahead, and thinking through the entire scenario avoids having to redo any work. Also, just an understanding of the industry and every facet that goes into it. We do a lot of pre-legwork to identify potential snags and avoid them to save time and money.”

Beyer Brown employs research to deliver recommendations and enable clients to save on expected budgets.

“Even with a large network of connections, we research everything from vetting suppliers to finding the best storage options,” he said. “If you better plan for what’s ahead, you can avoid surprises and mishaps later that could cause delays and duplicate work.”