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Bath Companies Tackle COVID-19

The industry is gearing up with new ways to stay healthy, safe and connected during this trying time. Here are some companies promoting cleanliness and lifting people’s spirits:

Touchless Hand Washing with Sonoma Forge

Sonoma Forge’s Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology eliminates the need to touch the faucet handles, thereby eliminating the transfer of harmful pathogens from turning on and off a traditional faucet. With no visible sensors, Sans Hands faucets help to keep homeowners, as well as those in hospitality and commercial settings, safe and healthy.

“Our Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology offers an effective, germ-free way to address concerns over the spread of disease and bacteria,” said Erik Ambjor, president, Sonoma Forge. “Plus, since it uses electromagnetism rather than visible sensors, the technology is a vast improvement over outdated, infrared systems.”

Sonoma Forge created Sans Hands technology by combining a low-voltage current with an electromagnetic field. When a user approaches the faucet and interrupts the electromagnetic field, the faucet valve opens to begin the flow of water. When the user walks away, the water stops, which also helps with water conservation. And besides offering better hygiene, touchless faucets also make it easier to keep the bathroom clean since there are no handles to collect water spots and soapy buildup.

Sans Hands are available using the spouts from the WherEver series, the CiXX collection and the Strap line. They come in wall- and deck-mount configurations and offer a suite of coordinating bath accessories including decorative hardware, towel bars, tissue holders, mirror mounts and more.

California Faucets Makes Masks and Pet Videos to Support Community

Although California Faucets has paused standard operations during the COVID-19-related stay-at-home orders, the company remains hard at work in an effort to help keep employees, friends and neighbors safe. In addition to using its 3D printers to generate components to produce hospital masks and face guards critical for frontline medical professionals, the company has produced a public service announcement dubbed, the “Wash Your Paws” campaign to encourage nationwide handwashing while bringing a smile to peoples’ faces.

“After pausing all nonessential operations to protect the health of our employees and community, we asked ourselves, ‘What else we can do?’” said Jeff Silverstein, president/CEO, California Faucets. “By putting the 3D printers that we have at our disposal to work, we’ve been able to help provide medical masks for workers on the front lines,” he explained, stating that the masks are being donated to Keck Medical Center at USC.

The company also called upon the creativity of its marketing department to come up with a memorable public service announcement, emphasizing the importance of handwashing for at least 20 seconds. “As a faucet company, we’d be remiss if we didn’t encourage frequent and thorough handwashing,” said Noah Taft, SVP of marketing and sales, “and what better way to do that than with adorable pets?”

The “Wash Your Paws” video campaign calls upon all pet owners to produce videos starring their own pets. Participants simply film a video of their pet washing up, using any faucet (California Faucets brand not required). The company will post the playful videos on its social media platforms.

Milano and Nostromo by Fantini


Adding a hands-free faucet eliminates fingerprints and the many germs that come along with them. Hands-free faucets also contribute to water conservation and eliminate waste. The modern shape and clean lines of Milano has a non-touch version, which includes two sensors at the bottom of the fixture that control the water flow.


Minimalist in design and simple in operation, there is one variation of the Nostromo faucet that is touchless. With two built-in sensors at the bottom of the faucet, users can enjoy a more sanitary experience.